Shiseido’s New Virtual Reality Makeup Solution— Is it a real beauty or just a fad?

What do you think of when you hear the words virtual reality (VR)? VR games? VR driving? VR movies?


As a new technology, VR uses virtual reality headsets, can generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a user’s physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment. VR usually apply to entertainment industry and automotive industry. However, can you image how do VR apply to a cosmetic field? In 2016, a 140-year-old Japan brand Shiseido, just collaborated with Microsoft Japan to release an innovative makeup experience app that combined with VR technology.


TeleBeauty, an app that automatically calibrates skin tone and applies digital makeup to the face during video-conferencing. Beyond all doubts, TeleBeauty is an innovative makeup solution application, Shiseido combined its makeup arts and VR technology to provide natural looking makeup filters for women who are working remotely from the office and find themselves on conference calls.

Through this app, Shiseido aims to cut out the hassle of applying make-up as the software is capable of brightening and perfecting skin, with filters that move seamlessly with the customer. Try to image, a woman’s face is displayed on the screen, for example during an online meeting, TeleBeauty can use digital processing to apply suitable makeup to it and adjust the coloring and complexion. It is a huge benefit and convenience for busy professional women, right?

Many people will say TeleBeauty is not innovative enough, because there are many camera apps have already used VR technology, like Snapchat. But TeleBeauty’s targeted audience are professional women, they don’t need bunny ear or puppy eyes, they just need a suitable makeup. In TeleBeauty, there are four natural looks to choose from, created with the help of Shiseido’s makeup artists, these are all suitable for professional conditions or formal occasions. No bunny ears or cat whiskers – but a filter for an instant beauty fix, it’s a plus of TeleBeauty.


The other plus is that the camera settings on the computer can also adjust brightness to a certain degree. However, nobody bothers to do that, right? So it’s the most important characteristic of TeleBeauty lies in its ability to do that when the company simply launch the application, it’s simply and quickly beautify our life.


However, the app also has a minus—the function problem for adjusting the brightness of the face. As we all know different mobile devices have different cameras and screens, depending on the camera on the computer, the image on the screen can look completely different. Even though the company tested several computers by different manufacturers in order to keep the image keep consistent, it still can’t well-balanced on any devices. And as I mentioned before, there are only four makeup styles that customers can choose, even though these four styles are almost suitable for all Asian women, but it still limited consider more skin tones people.

VR is a potential trend that clearly has legs into future, but VR cosmetics maybe don’t have a long-term development. From 2016 fall, Shiseido’s TeleBeauty is still a beta, some functional problems still effect its user experiences. In addition, cosmetics is a very personal industry, every people have different skin types, skin tones and they like different styles, we can’t simply classify into natural makeup or heavy makeup. And the most important pleasure of cosmetics is self-experience, making up is a wonderful experience for many women, if this do-it-yourself process is omitted so that fun of cosmetics will decrease. Personally speaking, if I have an emergency meeting I will choose TeleBeauty, but as usual I still choose do my own makeup by myself.


Admittedly, as an original app combined with trendy technology, I will recommend this app to clients. Nobody don’t like trying something new, occasionally use TeleBeauty to save time and have a new makeup, sounds good, right? If you still have some problems about TeleBeauty or you are interested in this app, you can see this video to learn more details.


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